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As we are progressing toward a new year there are lots of considerations floating around as to institute more incentives in order to stimulate the housing market. With a great numbers of people who had gone starting to search for homes as soon as they understood the benefits of the tax incentive, the housing market started to move in the right direction. You might agree with this idea that it was a great incentive coming into being in a time of great financial stress for a lot of people. Therefore, the economy started turning around slightly, I would say, but nevertheless, home sales had gone up with more closings than previous months.  You can read about those facts and more information about this tax incentive effects on the market by visiting the website at and other interesting information for the home owners. Clearwater home sales have been moving pretty good with the fact that we have very good prices, good deals that can be obtained and still are available for the serious buyers. As a Realtor, I can help you discover the real deals according to your needs, find the property that you like, either a condo, a single family homes or any other types of properties. I can guide you out thru the whole transaction from start to finish. Either that you are looking to purchase a home or you are interested in selling your home, I’ll be glad to assist you in this matter. Clearwater does offer buyers a lot of interesting activities, areas to drive by, restaurants to dine out, areas to enjoy as our beautiful white sandy beaches. Walking along the beach on a nice cool day can be of some attraction to a lot of people. I do encourage you to visit the city website at which will give you great information about our city, things to see etc.  Enjoy and see you here soon.

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