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The high volume of people looking to buy a property right now is still quite amazing. No need to say that the buyer in general is looking for a great deal that may or may not exist. For that reason and that alone, you have lots of activities happening. We are looking at property values now that have dropped to around 40-50% of their original listed price, specially in subdivisions where newer construction units are being put back on the market after a foreclosure has happened. Those units are basically purchased back, by some investors, directly from the banks, and who will then be reselling the units at a much lower amounts than they were listed before. That makes for a great buy.  Same units but at a great selling price. Looking for that type of properties is worth searching for. The Clearwater area has some of these buildings available and units that are worth dealing with. Now is time to buy. As you probably know, Clearwater area is quite attractive city with its large waterviews from the sandy beaches and with a sunshine that brightens our daily lives. Let’s hope that you will make the Clearwater area your future homeplace to live and enjoy safely.

See you here soon.

Louise Alepins


727 692 5970


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