Interested in finding out how is the housing market is doing?  One of the things you can do is go to where you will find a lot of statistics on “Homes Sales” and also “Business Confidence” the last few months to mention some of the statistics you could view. Per what has been observed, as a general rule, when speaking with potential buyers, we see that buyers are still much concerned with the fact that “maybe” the house pricing will still be going down in the next few months. Therefore, by still thinking this way it does extend their time to the day they would be really decided in making a direct move by signing a contract. Indeed, there are people thinking this way, otherwise, the “Home Sales” statistic would have gone up much higher than what we are showing up to now. But, we are still climbing up in the number of sales that occured in the last month of so. According to the NAR’s chief economist, Lawrence Yun, this amount is around 8% raise in the existing-home sales from August.   Interesting values. There is a change happening. People are looking for some signs of improvement in the business sector, but still you will find people really interested in buying now and who have the wherewithalls to do it now, will not hesitate to purchase a home. They are ready and willing. As soon as they find their exact sought – for property, they will not hesitate in making an offer. They have the money or the means to do it, they will do it now and not wait to see if the market will be changing or not. Interesting field of endeavor. Let’s make it a better future for all of us by being effective in what we are doing and positive in our thinking. Looking to find the perfect Clearwater home is totally feasible and real. Great sunny weather to enjoy all along the year, in town or at the beaches.

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