Single homes living

Clearwater area does offer really great single home properties for all tastes and desires. Driving around the waterfront properties in the area you can’ t help but notice the beauty of the area. Some homes have waterfront footage where you can access directly the water from your own backyard, an invitation to the world of boating, if you are a boat lovers or just to relaxing times whiling away an afternoon and admiring the beauty of the water shining away in front of you.

Enjoy Florida at its best.

The area of Clearwater beach offers high end single home properties facing the water and with water access or just at a few steps from the beach.

The local market is getting more and more active to a point where the buyer is really at its best advantage. Something to consider if you are a person who has been looking for a while waiting for the right moment.  As you see right now we still have properties offered as short sales in different area. these count for a good number of them but not the only ones.

As a real estate agent, my responsability is to search the market for best values for the buyers and the sellers by doing comparables to give a fair valuation of a property. By studying the market I get the proper idea about what a property should be valued at. I am here to assist anyone looking for such the right property at the best price. Great comparables are necessary for choosing the right property.

As a real estate agent, I can help you find the right property for you either in land or in the beach area.

See you soon here in Clearwater, Florida.

Louise Alepins

Real Estate Agent

727 692 5970

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