Art of selling your home- 2nd part … Clearwater

Continuing on this subject, which is obviously a very hot subject in this type of market, as you can understand. It is obviously an interesting one given all the stress on selling at this present time.

The situation where the seller needs to sell his home and needs to put it on the market for financial reasons, does seem to be an incentive in deciding and be willing to really go for it and doing what is needed to have his home sold in the least amount of time and effort. Actually, some sellers at this point do not want to let go of their house even in a distressed situations. It is understandable considering all the efforts and emotions that are involved and encompassed in that condition.. In that case, one of the option would be to really get with your mortgage lender to discuss the possibilities of saving your mortgage or modifying it so that the home owner could continue making his payments in a better and easier way. There is always that possibility which needs to be looked at whenever you are faced by some misfortune of these sorts.

So, the questions would be: what can be done about it, and which way is the best way to go about it.

Then, when it comes to the option of needing and wanting to sell your home, you do have the possibility of contacting a real estate agent which would help you succeed in this endeavor. As a professional in the field, the agent can help you sort out the priorities and assist you in the selling of the house even if it is in distressed cases. Clearwater area has beautiful homes for sales and great locations and they do sell. Obviously seller and agent would need to be working together with good interrelationship and regular communication in order to keep the marketing of the home going. As usually the agent is the person responsible of showing the property; it is always advisable to stay, as the seller, in good communication with the agent. In this manner it’ll facilitate the sale of your property.

Of course even in Clearwater, some homes have been affected and gone into the distressed category which gets them to be sold as pre-foreclosure status, or in-foreclosure status, or even bank owned.

Each category requires a special way of doing the sale process. also, each bank has its own way of proceeding through the negotiation process, which makes the process somewhat lengthy in most cases.

Overall intention is to make a sale happened and brought to a close, with the right buyer who is willing to collaborate the right way through this process. A note in passing would be, in order to get to an acceptance to your offer and get the sale thru, you would have to consider some counter- offer even sometimes it is hard to think about that. I mean by that, that one should also keep the process going by making counter-offers which would bring the sale to an acceptable amount by both sides. It does sound important in some cases that by just making this one extra step of counter-offering could turn things around.

Interesting times in real estate field for some people but actually all property owners, are connected with this situation, since it does affect the value of your property one way of the other. The bright side of this is, things are turning around according to the recent statistics given by agencies in the field.

Looking to purchase or sell your property in the Clearwater area, don’t hesitate to call me. I will be glad to assist you in doing so.

Welcome to Clearwater area.

Louise Alepins

Real Estate Agent

727 692 5970

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