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What is on your mind as your favorite home? Any pictures coming to mind when you think of that? Do you have a list made up of all the property styles that you might like or interest you the most as a home? Are you just one of these people who just want to be emotionally grabbed suddenly by something that you are just looking at and seeing at that instant and for which you might go for? Interesting ways to look at things. Now, let’s pretend that you are really serious and determined in finding a home which way would you prefer to take? What about finding the right  property by taking the time in doing some research around. Clearwater area has lovely homes to choose from.

Basically, what needs to happen is to decide to do your homework and start working. Choose a way that is very comfortable for you in doing so. Making a list can help you have choices which would be eliminated as you go along. Taking the time to compare homes seems to be the greatest tool in achieve the locating of your favorite property. Inevitably, by driving the area and its surrounding is always the best way to go since you will get an actual view of the homes, their size, forms, colors, what does the yard look like, what is the surroundings look like. Is this something you would like to live in or would you rather have another area to look into. It is the time to find out what is really important to you, how many bedrooms, and size of the house, kitchen style, and garage or not or how many you need. All those questions can be answered by you and would be answered properly as you go down your list and searching the area for the right properties.

Once you know which homes you like the most and your list then got shorter, now it is time to really make the elimination by getting your comparables to those. Get the “comps” which is very important so you are not overpaying when it’s time to make the offer. Get the right information on what’s there to help you compare these properties with and so you will get to your goal in due time with less stress and worry.

I can help you find your dream homes in Clearwater and Florida.

Louise Alepins


Clearwater, Fl

727 692 5970

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