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As the market keeps going along through this economy as we know it to be still languishing but very appealing for the home buyers, you will notice that a change has happened and that change is that more homes were sold in the last few months than the year before.

Now, considering that this is a buyer’s market, we have then people securing the property of their choice at a much more reasonable price. This action does prove to be the right one to do since we have more and more people getting on the motion and purchasing properties.

Clearwater has its share of foreclosures and short sales. Nevertheless, homes are selling, beach properties are selling, waterviews properties, either condos or singles homes are selling. Very good choice exist now and it is the time for a great buy. Great time for people who are dealing seriously and willing the throw the dice to get the desired price. Of course very good deals are here to be had and let’s face it, more are done than one will think. The properties in Clearwater are mostly relatively close to some water area, and the beach is never too far to access. everywhere you turn, you are just so many minutes to the nearest beach. therefore, Clearwater homes are really sought after and very exquisite and excellent homes are availalbe. While you are either looking for a mansion, a waterview mansion, or in land property, you will find what you like, in most cases.

The Clearwater area is worth the time that you’ll take to search for your perfect home.

I can help you facilitate your home search at any time.

See you soon.

Louise Alepins


Clearwater, Fl

727 692 5970


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